Engage with Your Fans Using Facebook Live

You’ve all seen it, but are you using it to connect with your fan base? Chances are, you’re not — and if you’re not, then you’re just plain missing out!


I’m talking about Facebook Live.


When Facebook Live was rolled out to the masses last April, you were quite literally given a golden nugget to market your music.


As Mark Zuckerberg put it, “Live is like having a TV camera in your pocket. Anyone with a phone now has the power to broadcast to anyone in the world. When you interact live, you feel connected in a more personal way. This is a big shift in how we communicate, and it’s going to create new opportunities for people to come together.”


Well, Mark was right and now it’s time that you utilize the power of live video to connect and engage with your fans.


My suggestion is to utilize Facebook Live like a podcast of sorts. Rather than just arbitrarily going live, make an event out of it. Announce to your audience when you’ll be going live, what you’ll be doing and how they can get involved. If you can, schedule a regularly planned live event every week on the same day. This will ensure that folks ‘tune in’ and help you see better numbers when you are recording live.


However, the beauty of it really lies in the fact that once you’ve recorded the live video, it can exist on your band’s Facebook page and even be boosted to reach a larger, targeted audience! That’s right, Facebook will allow you to take that live video and propel it out to any custom audience, giving you even more engagement and hopefully winning over some new fans!


Without a doubt, live video provides you the opportunity to bring your fans even closer to the music by letting them sit in on your next writing session or interacting with you through out a rehearsal. Take the time to explain to your audience what you’re going through and get immediate feedback from the people who know you’re music better than you may even know it yourself!


You can even pair the concept of live recordings to real time contests and events. Giveaway merch or tickets to your next show to viewers and see if more people start to pop in on your next broadcast. Think outside of the box and do whatever comes natural — there isn’t a right or wrong way, just be active on the platform and your fans will appreciate you for it!


How do I share a live video on my Facebook page?

  1. Tap  “Publish” from your Page’s Timeline on Facebook for iOS
  2. Tap “Live Video”
  3. Write an optional description for your broadcast
  4. Tap Go Live to begin your broadcast

When you want to end your broadcast, tap Finish.

Using Facebook Live to market your music? How’s it going? Leave a comment below!

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