How to Use Facebook Messenger Ads to Grow Your Fan Base

When Facebook rolled out Messenger ads towards the end of 2016, I was stoked about the possibilities and wanted to find ways to help our partners maximize this opportunity!


Part of my research was to find a solid vendor who could simplify the process; which I did! I was referred to ManyChat and have been very pleased with their product! On the surface, it appears to be a fairly straight forward bot, but as you dive deeper into its functionality you start to see the true potential!


Within the application, you can build a list of subscribers (similar to having an opt-in list) but strictly for use within Facebook Messenger.


But what I REALLY love about ManyChat is the price point! You can actually do a lot with their free plan, and scale up as your subscriber list grows. Their Pro package starts at just $10/mo. which is extremely affordable for anyone!


Additionally, you can segment your list into different groups based upon actions that user take using custom tagging. You can then send specific messages to those segments. It’s very cool!


For example, if somebody were to interact with you through Facebook Messenger and click through a button that you have tagged for a specific landing page (let’s say to your newest release) you could later send a message to them asking them what they thought about the song or project. That’s just one simple idea that will get your fans more engaged with your band and your page.


So, how do I build up my subscriber list?

After you’ve linked ManyChat with your Facebook page, anyone who initiates a message with you will be added as a subscriber. So even if you don’t plan to utilize the functionality of ManyChat right away, you should definitely link up your account right away to start building your list.


With Facebook now allowing you to create destination advertisements which opens a message, you can prompt this activity through some simple-to-setup campaigns to drive more chat engagement and build up your subscriber list. Once a user is on your subscriber list, you can then advertise directly to them if you choose directly through Facebook, but we recommend just using ManyChat to do this – it’s easier and cheaper!


Also, ManyChat will provide you with a unique URL that will open your messenger. For example, ours is You can click on the link and see how it works for yourself!


On your website, you can now add this link to initiate a ‘Live Chat’ session which is pretty gnarly. Just make sure that you’re monitoring your messages and responding accordingly to your fans!


Another cool feature is the integration with Shopify. You can even send follow-up and shipping information via Facebook Messenger. This will again add to your subscriber list!


My final thoughts…

I would jump on the Facebook Messenger train right away, since most bands aren’t going to be using this feature (yet!). It gives you an advantage to create stronger relationships with your fans because of its uniqueness. I believe you’ll see more people engaging with you through Facebook Messenger than ever before – you just need to let them know that it’s there.


Maybe change your band’s Facebook page button to “Send Message”. By giving them a blatant call to action, you should see more people messaging you and thus subscribing!


If you need assistance with setting this up for your page, or have any questions please don’t hesitate to e-mail me.. better yet, message me!

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